Ashirwad Atta

Ashirwad Atta is being used to make dough pure and roll out the same for best quality features. The fantastic flour is needed for almost all kinds of India breads like puris, chapathis, bhakris, theplas, paranthas and even bhaturas. The wheat is grown organically without pesticides and fertilizers. ..


Ashirwad Multi Grain Atta

Ashirwad Multi Grain Atta is helping people live a healthier and wholesome life by offering them with variety of 100 percent certified and authentic organic food. The multi grain Atta is designed with zero-additive foods and offering complete customer-satisfaction. The brand organic Atta is based on..


Kirana Saman Chakki Atta

Wheat flour is a great staple food in Indian sub continent and abroad. The flour is quite helpful in controlling diabetes and easily helpful in making upma, rice and pongal. Wheat flour is recognized for its sweet flavor and soft rotis as well. The flour is quite useful for making bread and pastry u..


Pilsburry Atta

Pilsburry Atta is being used by almost every section of people. The chakki hand stone mill has ground floors that yields slightly stretched fulka. The gluten part is important for the flour to be able to be stretched into thin roll-outs. The chewiness of the final cooked product cannot be removed ea..


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