Channa Dal Premium

Chana Dal also recognized as Bengal Gram or Kadale Bele is an important lentil in Indian cooking as it is very tasty, robust and versatile. The Dal resembles yellow split pea in colour and size even if it is smaller and sweeter with a nutty flavor. The Chana Dal is combined with sweet vegetables as ..


Chilka Moong Dal

Chilka Moong Dal is being identified by their bright yellow color as it is skinned and split & thus appears to be flat. The best part is that the Dal cooks quickly and has almost zero saturated fat and is easily digestible. So, it is advisable for people with digestion woes are advised to replac..


Chilka Urad Dal

Chilka Urad Dal often referred as black gram is one of the most popular and widely used Indian pulses. The Pulse is grown usually in the southern parts of Asia. The Pulse is highly cultivated in India being its numerous health benefits. The Urad Dal is often ground to paste to prepare different culi..


Masoor Dal Premium

Red Lentils also recognized as Masoor Dal is a common choice in rich variety of pulses in almost every household. The Red Lentil has a delicate, nutty taste and is used to make soups, stews and pasta sauces with delicious spicy dals. The seeds require a cooking time of 10 to 40 minutes as depending ..



Moong Dal or Moong beans are quite small and often termed as yellow greenish beans. The whole beans are quite different from the split ones as they are having stronger flavors that are seldom interchangeable. The Dal is cooked with a variety of spices and other vegetables to make delicious dhals and..


Putana Dal

Putana Dal is available in the market clean, Processed graded straight from the production source and packed under hygienic environment under strict quality control. The Dal is packed with utmost care as to ensure that you get right mix of taste and nutrition. The Dal is presented fresh and cleaned ..


Sabit Moong

Moong also recognized as Green gram or the moong dal is another variety of Indian pulses which is widely used in various dishes. The Dal is quite rich in nutritional benefits as it is being consumed according to various health benefits. The regular consumption of green gram is helpful in reducing ch..


Sabit Urad Dal

Sabit Urad is the part that is harvested directly from fields. The Dal is being recognized with creamy white lentils that do not require soaking. The Urad Dal is native to southern Asia and is used in the preparation of numerous dishes such as purees and soups.  The Dal is a wholesome food prod..


Toor Dal Economy

Toor Dal is an important source of protein. Toor Dal is one of the most widely used dals in India. The ocher-coloured split pea has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. The toor dal is the main ingredient in traditional South Indian Sambar and Rasam soup. Dal has protein contents that are 3.5 times that ..


Toor Dal Premium

Toor Dal is also recognized as Yellow Pigeon Peas or Arhar Dal. The Dal is quite popular in India especially in states like Gujarat and is the base ingredient in Sambar. The Dal is rich in complex dietary fibres that help in regularizing bowel movement. The folic acid present in Dal is a best for pr..


Urad dal Gundu Economy

Urad Dal Gundu is packaged so that there is no any kind of pesticides or harmful chemicals inside the packet. The Dal is recognized for its better nutrition content rich in antioxidants and used for making idli batter. The product has Consistency in taste with special kind of aroma and quality. The ..


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