Toor Dal Economy

Toor Dal is an important source of protein. Toor Dal is one of the most widely used dals in India. The ocher-coloured split pea has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. The toor dal is the main ingredient in traditional South Indian Sambar and Rasam soup. Dal has protein contents that are 3.5 times that ..


Toor Dal Premium

Toor Dal is also recognized as Yellow Pigeon Peas or Arhar Dal. The Dal is quite popular in India especially in states like Gujarat and is the base ingredient in Sambar. The Dal is rich in complex dietary fibres that help in regularizing bowel movement. The folic acid present in Dal is a best for pr..


Toor Dal Superior

Toor dal superior is high Quality toor dal whihc is computer cleaned and again sorted and cleaned after receiving from the unit . the dals ar obtained from the grains grown in the area of maharastra.Very delicious when cooked and loaded with proteins...


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