Chilka Moong Dal

Chilka Moong Dal is being identified by their bright yellow color as it is skinned and split & thus appears to be flat. The best part is that the Dal cooks quickly and has almost zero saturated fat and is easily digestible. So, it is advisable for people with digestion woes are advised to replac..



Moong Dal or Moong beans are quite small and often termed as yellow greenish beans. The whole beans are quite different from the split ones as they are having stronger flavors that are seldom interchangeable. The Dal is cooked with a variety of spices and other vegetables to make delicious dhals and..


Sabit Moong

Moong also recognized as Green gram or the moong dal is another variety of Indian pulses which is widely used in various dishes. The Dal is quite rich in nutritional benefits as it is being consumed according to various health benefits. The regular consumption of green gram is helpful in reducing ch..


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