Chilka Urad Dal

Chilka Urad Dal often referred as black gram is one of the most popular and widely used Indian pulses. The Pulse is grown usually in the southern parts of Asia. The Pulse is highly cultivated in India being its numerous health benefits. The Urad Dal is often ground to paste to prepare different culi..


Sabit Urad Dal

Sabit Urad is the part that is harvested directly from fields. The Dal is being recognized with creamy white lentils that do not require soaking. The Urad Dal is native to southern Asia and is used in the preparation of numerous dishes such as purees and soups.  The Dal is a wholesome food prod..


Urad Dal Economy

Urad dal is known as Black Gram or Black lentil in english, urad dal both whole and split is used in variety of delicious dishes varying from breakfast,lunch and dinner...


Urad dal Gundu Economy

Urad Dal Gundu is packaged so that there is no any kind of pesticides or harmful chemicals inside the packet. The Dal is recognized for its better nutrition content rich in antioxidants and used for making idli batter. The product has Consistency in taste with special kind of aroma and quality. The ..


Urad Dal Gundu Premium

 The Dal is commonly known as white gram and a highly prized pulse since ancient times.The dal size is bigger in the premium version which helps to make more number of idly or vada with the same quantity of dal. it is cleaned sorted and packed in hygeine conditions...


Urad Dal Premium



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