Ashirwad Salt

It is pure and enriched with iodine to fulfill our body’s requirements. The free-flowing granular form allows smooth and clean handling as well as storage. it comes in an attractive pouch pack and competitively priced ..


Nirma Shud Namak

Its automated manufacturing process guarantees best iodine content, saltiness, whiteness and the size of the granules. It is gluten free and has free flow nature. Packed in an eye-catching and colorful special moisture proof 1kg pack.  ..


Tata Salt

Salt is one of the most essential commodities in life of every human being. Tata Salt is composed of Iodine that helps in mental development of children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults. Tata Salt is the pioneer of salt iodisation in India and holds the distinction of being India's..


Tata Salt Lite

Tata Salt Lite is recognized for its various quality features. Tata salt has also ventured into new product segments to meet the changing needs of its customers thereby adding the material to tata salt lite, tata salt plus, sprinklers and so on. The product has been launched in 1983 and since then s..


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