Priya Rice Rich Oil

 Rice rich oil can be considered a advancement in cooking oils contains Oryzanol, Triglycerides, MUFA and PUFA,ocotrienol and Phytosterols, is widely used for cooking..


Rizolo Rice Bran Oil

Rizolo rice rich oil is 100% rice bran oil  extracted from basmati rice from the house of modi naturals who are largest processor of rice bran in india. It is packed with antioxidants high in MUFA which cleans blood vessels, protects from cancer ,improes skin tone and delays ..


Saffola Gold Rice Rich Oil

Healthy Refined safflower cooking oil which is rich in antioxidants and comes with fatty acids to help give you a balance. It also has nutritional lock since it is made from physically refined oils...


Saffola Tasty Rice Rich Oil

Saffola Tasty is a natural oil that has zero trans fat and zero cholestrol. It is a combination of safflower oil and rice bran oil. It is made using low absorption technology which ensures low oil absorption by food...


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