Oleev Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from natural Juice of Olive fruit it is extracted by traditional and physical means.  One of the most exclusive Virgin Olive oil it is light and is an important ingredient to the most delectable dishes.  It is a real combo of health and taste.  Bottled in Spain it contains Vitami..


Oleev Health Olive Oil

It’s a combination of Refined Rice Bran and Refined Canola Oil.  A friend of your heart it contains Oryzanol which keeps your heart your best companion for life.  Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 furthermore with the exceptional goodness of MUFA, PUFA & ALA which are supportives to keep your ..


Oleev Pomace Olive Oil

With a neutral flavor it is a leading choice for all type of cooking.  With genesis in Spain it is processed with extremely high quality refining technique.  Very rich in nutrients like Vitamin E & K it is perfectly suited for a healthy lifestyle.  MUFA enriched it helps regulate ..


Olivana Wellness Olive Oil

 If you trust the wellness path shown by your father and grandfather then body massage is one of the best means to stay healthy.  This oil is perfectly suited for body massage.  If you want soft and shiny skin then Olivana Wellness oil provides the right answer.  The special ingr..


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