Bring the open and setting Ajinomoto that enhances the taste of your culinary dishes. It comes from the finely processed packets which are basically known as Taste Enhancer. It is a major constituent of food proteins. AJI-NO-MOTO(MSG) has been safely used as a food ingredient back 1909. However, due..


Ajwain (omam)

Ajwain is one of the main herbs in Indian cuisine which gives out a hot caustic flavor. It has a sealed flavor which goes taking into account than ease when any Indian plate especially North Indian dishes. Slightly hostile in taste subsequent to a distinctive taste, BB Royal Organic Ajwain is procur..


Black pepper

Fine showground and greatly aromatic Everest Black Pepper Powder is known for its excellent appearance. Black Pepper is sourced from the famous shipping harbor 'Allepey' - a district in Kerala. Black Pepper has a spicy and hot taste. It is along with one of the oldest and important spices across the..


Catch Jaljeera Powder

Jal jeera as the reveal suggests is a special type of beverage prepared in India following the mixture of "Jal" meaning " water" and "jeera " meaning " cumin". Jaljeera has come out as well as a high-grade Jal jeera powder that can easily be prepared at the residence just by mixing it gone easy wate..


Curd Chilly

 Curd Chilies are dried chilies which are soaked overnight in curd and stuffed when salt and spices. These chilies are spicy, tangy and caustic in taste and provide a spicy taste to any wishy-washy tasting plate.These are little red chilies that have been soaked in curd (plain yogurt) and salt...



Dalchini or Cinnamon is indigenous to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, even if its archives dates protection to Chinese writings to 2800 BC. Being one of the oldest spices known, cinnamon was a powerful spice used in Egypt, Rome, and China upon an extensive level. While the Egyptians used cinnamon as a bevera..


Dhaniya Superior

Coriander is a herb used worldwide as a condiment, embellish, or embellishment harshly culinary dishes. Its leaves and fruits have a to your liking aroma. Coriander is a source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron, magnesium, Vitamin C, K and protein, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, thiamin. Coriander..


Doda Elaichi

Doda Elaichi, as additional spices used in Northern India, needs some period to manufacture its aroma best. This behavior is shared by tallying unground spices, bearing in mind cinnamon, cloves, and green cardamom, all of which are popular in Northern India and mostly used unground. Thus, it is gene..


Dry Chilli

Whole dried Red chilies are then nimbly-known as Kashmiri Mirchi or Kashmiri Mirch. Kashmiri red chili is the best ingredient to tune the Indian recipes. The food gets less spicy improve and wealthy and within ample limits color because of these abstemious red chilies. Indian food or Indian recipes ..


Elaichi Big

 Cardamom (Elaichi) is an amazing nutrient.  It’s a spice which is native to India, Bhutan, Nepal and Indonesia.  Its health benefits are immense.  Available in two forms Green and black cardamom it is useful for Skin, Hair and Digestion.  It promotes the health of the heart..


Hing (GD)

Hing (G.D.) is a higher setting product that adds value to your tasty cooking. Use in little quantities, count directly to cooking liquid, frying in oil, or steeping in water. Hing (G.D.) is a popular brand used in cooking, in which the mighty onion-garlic sky enhances many dishes, thereby making yo..


Hing (LG)

Hing Powder (Asafoetida powder) (an aromatic root resin) is a solid concentrated spice used to mood curries and lentils. Hing is with known to greatly calculation together going on digestion.A tiny known spice outside of India, asafetida is the dried resin obtained from the rhizome of the giant fenn..


Hing (Payal)

Hing (Payal) Powder gives off a mild and robust character as soon as than released in hot oil. It is often used as a replacement for onion and garlic to temper Dals, curries, etc.Just a pinch of Hing (Payal) in hot ghee or oil gives fantastic garlicky earthy aroma. An absolute ingredient for those w..



Slightly sweet and lovingly aromatic spiceImparts delicate air and saffron-in the before color to dishes An excellent ingredient used in curry powder and to marinate meat and vegetable dishes An absolute flavoring agent for sauces, soups, and confectionary.This is the unaccompanied tropica..



It is a flower-shaped aromatic spice gathering along subsequently nutmeg. Contains some of the antioxidant compounds contains Antifungal properties, contains iron and calcium, keeps the digestive system healthy, Enhances appetite, boosts blood circulation, protects kidneys.Mace is the lacy outer cov..



Nigella sativa seed is variously called kalonji (Hindi), fennel flower, nutmeg flower, black caraway, and Roman coriander. Other names used, sometimes misleadingly, are black cumin, black onion seed, and black sesame. The kalonji Seeds are used as a spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. ..


Kalanka Phool

It is a rare dried flower, a dominant spice in all Chettinad preparations. It is black and grey in color and has a sweet aromatic space...



Pepper is known as the skillful manner in spacious of the fact that it can be put away for a long era without it losing its overpowering fragrance. In India, numerous individuals use pepper to make the speed more sizzling and spicier. This Pepper powder has a discordant, hot and gnawing taste. It is..



Karbuz is known as water melon seeds in english, they are roasted and salted to be consumed as a snack which reminds us that it is safe for consumption. it is filled with micro nutrients selenium,zinc and potassium...



Karakayalu is known as haritaki, it is regarded very highly from ancient times due to its medicinal properties to treat ailments like ulcers, constipation,bleeding gums. It also helps in digestion..


Kash Kash

Kash Kash is used in many dishes the kernel is an excellent source of minerals such as copper, calcium, iron,magnesium, and zinc. Needs Product gives you the highest mood and taste,will help you rediscover the legitimate taste of traditional indian food. Savour its heavens though its high nutritive ..


Kavab Chinni

Kavab chini is also known as java pepper because it is widely grown in java and sumatra area, it is black in colour and similar in appearance to pepper but stalks attached  , its is widely in preparing authentic dishes like biryani ,pulav...


Kesar Yellow Colour

Bush Kesar Yellow Colour is a dye pigment or substance that imparts color as whenever added to any food item or drink. The food coloring is used for commercial food production and domestic cooking as well. The product is available in powdered form with packaging type of container. The product is pac..


Khopra (Black ) / Kalipeet/ Superior

Khopra (Black ) is again a great constituent of coconut as to speak. It is in powdered form and the versatile gluten-free ingredient can be used in some of your favorite recipes to create tasty and nutritious food item. It is an amazing food without the health risks associated with refined grain flo..


Khopra (White) / DY

Khopra is mainly available in white color form. It is a natural form of product and the powder is prepared from hygienic coconuts which are harvested at just the correct time to ensure the best taste. The coconut is then dried to the wonderful moisture content to ensure long shelf life, finest taste..


Khopra Powder (Loose)

Khopra Powder is an ingredient of Khopra. It is just recognized as coconut powder that acts as a prefect, model-proof, gluten free alternate for most conventional flours. The Desiccated coconut is crunchy, snow white in color and contains a sweet pleasant and fresh savor of the nut...



Cloves or Laung are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the relatives Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. The clove tree is an evergreen that grows going on to 812 m high. When open, they are pink and moreover dried, they outlook to a rust-brown color. Cloves may be used to meet the expense of aromati..


Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow Colour is tried and tested by quality analysts on different parameters as to ensure its quality and long shelf life. The food colored additives is kept in packaged type containers and when the food coloring substance is added to food or drink changes its color. The product is b..


Marwadi Methi

Marwadi methi is known as fenugreek leaves in english, widely available and used in cooking due to its availibility along with aromatic and medicinal is natural remedy for hair problems...



Methi is also known as Fenugreek seeds which is widely used in cooking throughout indian households,apart from adding spice it also aids in digestion,reducing hairfall,countering acid reflux and preventing heartburn...





Nuvulu Black (Till)

Black sesame seeds are small oily seeds from africa, they  have their hulls intact and taste slightly bitter,compared to white sesame seeds which are slightly sweet and nutty . ..


Nuvulu White (Till)

Nuvulu is known as sesame seeds in english, till in hindi and ellu in tamil. They are extremely beneficial for health but always overlooked, have medicinal properties to improve digestion, prevent diabetes,cure sleep disorder, widely used for making ladoos during sankranti...


Orange Red Colour

Bush Orange Red colour powder is used for Synthetic food preparations. The product is being used for making advanced machinery for maintaining top quality standards. The precise allocation of products makes them a preferred market choice in many senses. You can always avail fresh and pure products w..


Rai (Small)

Rai (Small) is being widely used in Tadka, pickles & chutney items. The food item is 100% Organic with vegetarian content and is chemical free. The spicy flavor of the food enhances the quality and taste of the dish...


Raspbery Red Colour

Raspbery Red Colour is used for variety of applications as like taking into account the colored values of the product. The product is used in a variety of non-food applications due to its safety and general availability as like in home craft projects...


Saffron ( Gold Medal)

Saffron is known for influencing setting, heart, and respiratory health. Ayurveda moreover suggests Saffron for nap disorders, depression, Alzheimer's sickness, hardening of the arteries, intestinal gas, heartburn, affectionate, scare signal, abstemious skin, and to induce sweating. Saffron is known..


Somp (Barik)

Somp (Barik) is a medium thickness quality brand item useful in taking care of great products. The brand also provides organic products including spices and more. You just need to check the organically produced seeds that are on huge demand...


Somp (Mota)

Somp (Mota) is a great unique product quite helpful in taking care of Abdominal Diseases as like preventing formation of gas inside the body. The product is helpful in weight loss and takes care of Indigestion issues as well...


Somp Coloured

Somp Coloured item is a great product as offered from the brand name. You could always guarantee products of your choice and experience the difference with naturally fresh spices that taste, smell, and look great...


Somp Sugar Coated

Somp Sugar Coated is fully recognized for providing fresh and premium quality spices with great taste. The product as offered by the brand name is provided at affordable cost and challenges to bring you the best spices and ingredients from round the corners of globe...


Sukh Mukh

Sukhmukh is known as daniya dal in hindi, it is usualy consumed as a mouth freshner after meals due to its digestive helps the stomach to absorb the food and also clear bad odour in mouth...


Tata Cooking Soda

Tata cooking soda is used in baking to increase the fluffiness and smoothness of the bakery products, available in 100 gm packing and competitvely priced. It is also known as sodium bicarbonate...



Tejpatta is often recognized as the true bay leaf used in Indian Cuisine. If you are looking to prepare Indian food with authentic flavor and aroma you just need to add a fragrance as like cinnamon with cloves...


Tuty Fruity (Green)

Tuty Fruity (Green) colored item is made from ingredients as like citric acid along with fruity syrubs. The product is also used by adding into dessert toppings, ice creams, cakes, pastries and so on. The product is also available with various sizes and packs...


Tuty Fruity (Red)

Tuty Fruity (Red) colored product is being offered with dry fruits. The product has great fruit flavor and made from ingredients like orange peels, fruity syrubs and so on. It is used as a main ingredient for making khari, chocolates and cakes...


Weikfield Custard Powder

Weikfiled custard powder is used to make creamy  custard which can be served  hot or cold and topped with jellies, dry fruits and comes in various sizes and packings...


Yellow Rai

Mustard seeds are widely available in black and yellow colour. Yellow mustard seeds have  origin from mediterraean region , its has mild flavour and widely used in america in making of sauces for hamburgers sandwiches and burgers..


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