Cinthol Original

Cinthol Original is a unique product used for bathing. As the soap is completely hard, it is unique for your usage. Cinthol soap has a lime fragrance aroma which is the best choice for everyone. It has right amount of Glycerine needed for body parts..


Dettol original (4x125g)

Dettol is just a medicated soap. The soap is ready to use in just about three weeks time frame. It's a great special treat to give your skin from time to time. So, having a handmade bath soap can be one of the most enjoyable things in life...



Dove soap is well recognized due to its great quality features. This nourishes and softens your skin all day long. Bath soap has beautifying qualities for the skin, scalp and hair. The soap can be used to restore your skin's beauty and enjoy being you...



Lifebuoy is being used by majority section of Indian people.  It is really a great soap and the preparation process is quite unique as the ground almonds and essential oils and stir until the mixture is evenly blended. You can also use a stick blender on the low setting...


Lux (3x100g)

Lux is a bathing soap being used since decades. There are even other variants of Lux as like International lux and all. You just need to start using 2 bars of Castile soap with ½ cup almonds for preparation of soap items...



Margo is again a good quality soap used by people which is fully medicated. It uses leaves of Neem and has herbal benefits. You could always use a double boiler, melt your grated Castile soap in ½ cup of distilled water for making great quality soaps...



Medimix is a brand name recognized for offering medicated soap items. The soap offers great benefits to people using the same. The product is also being used to dispel mosquitoes. The soap is also quite useful for making relief from muscular aches and pains and other health ailments...


Mysore Sandal Soap

Mysore Sandal Soap is a great product that acts as an essential part of our lives. There are several key points to keep in mind about the uses of bath soap - something for you to keep in mind when buying. The great scent stays with you all day long...



Pears is well recognized for offering soaps that is a great one in many sense. It has great qualities when compared to ordinary ones that are simply made to have a great scent or beautifying features. You can always look for the same soap in stores..



Rexona is a trusted brand offering great product at low cost. Soap is basically prepared using ½ cup distilled water and different quantities of almond and vanilla essential oils. It uses a double boiler; melt your grated Castile soap in ½ cup of distilled water...



Santoor soap is a great product that keeps grime and dirt away while at the toning up the skin. The soap is being used to cure skin problems like itches, black heads, pimples, prickly, heat away. The bath soap offers several kinds of benefits...


Santoor Gold

Santoor Gold is really a great quality soap being recognized for its toning and soothing properties. The soap purifies and protects skin from environmental damage. The product is good for blemished and oily skin...


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