Camphor is obatined from camphor trees, in villages they are used to light fire in temples as a ritual...


Ambica Agarbatti

Ambica Agarbatti is fully recognized for its brand name. The fragrance of the product is quite enticing enough to leave you yearning for more. The fruity experience rejuvenates you completely, as much as eating a vitamin packed, basket full of fruits would...


Cycle Goodluck Rose

Cycle agarbatties is one of the very trusted brands , the rose incense sticks have a sweet and soothing smell which keeps your mornings and room fresh. Try other frangrances which are available for different experiences..


Deepam Pooja Oil

Deepam pooja oil is used in all house holds for lighting of lamps during occasions like diwali,navaratri and other hindu festivals.They can also be used for performing daily pooja. It is also called as gingelly oil  ..


Homelite Match Box

Homelite matches produces best quality safety matches which light in one strike without any hassle. They are widely available in all stores in different size. Usually found in all household for pooja purpose...


Lamp Wicks Cotton Long Batti

Lamps have evolutioned with time there both modern and technologically developed,untill in ancient times wicks were used to light lamps which draw oil from the resoivoir. Lamp wicks are obtained from cotton by hand rolling them..


Mysore Sandal Dhoop Cones

Mysore Sandal Dhoop Cones is being recognized for its great fragrance. The delicate, elusive scent of Serene creates an ambience of tranquility around your place. The breathtaking fragrance, and peace and calm transcend upon you...


Temple Kum Kum

Temple Kum kum is manufacture by grading and powdering very high quality turmeric and slightly mixing slate lime to it. It is usually applied in the forehead which signifies a woman is married in hindu religion. ..


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