Wheat Bansi

Wheat is one of the staple foods of our country. Wheat Bansi is recognized for whole wheat flour apart from refined flour. There is a great marketing gimmick with various varieties of flour that can be only ascertained after analyzing the whole wheat flour from other varieties of wheat. Wheat is rec..


Wheat Sharbati Premium

Wheat Sharbati Medium size is completely natural. The brand retains natural bran and wheat germ. The product is a Healthier alternative to commercial attas. The wheat flour is crafted from the seed up. There is a sense to make great care while selecting the finest pure wheat varieties and harvesting..


Wheat Sharbati Superior

The Sharbati is a variety of wheat mainly produced in MP and the best variants are produced in nearby town close to the state capital Bhopal called Sehore. The atta packets you can refer the term Sehori sharbati. The main reason this variety is called sharbati is because it tastes sweeter than the n..


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